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Darrell Hillaire

Indigenous Knowledge

Children of the Setting Sun Productions Executive Director Darrell is a member of Lummi Nation, former Lummi Nation Council Member for 15 years, LIBC Chairman for 3 years, founded and directed the Lummi Youth Academy for 15 years, and Children of the Setting Sun Productions Producer and Writer. His works include: What About Those Promises stage production, It’s Good To Be Home stage production and short film, Sonny Sixkiller Buys the Washington Redskins stage production, Beginnings audiobook, Jesintel publication, numerous videos and The Friends and Relatives podcast series. Today he is leading the development and production of the Salmon People Project- a multi-faceted strategy to help save salmon and restore rivers.
Darrell’s interests include Multi- Media Storytelling, War Canoe Racing, promoting Youth Wellness and Family reunification, creating modern definitions of inherent rights, indigenous rights and sovereignty. Darrell is passionate about providing the proper structure and opportunities for young people to thrive both culturally and professionally. He endeavors to follow the instruction of his great-grandfather “Heytu-luk” Frank Hillaire to “Keep My Fires Burning”; including the youth is key to this mission. 

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