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Navigating Our Future

Discovering the path to a thriving future in the Salish Sea Bioregion

Navigating Our Future is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in northwestern Washington State. Navigating Our Future is dedicated to providing a space for residents of the Salish Sea Bioregion to:

  • learn more about our ecosystem's health, and,

  • ways we can improve quality of life in the region through podcasts, forums, programs,  and storytelling. 


Navigating Our Future produces podcasts and community forums, bringing together citizens and experts to chart a trajectory to a thriving future.

Listen to the Navigating Our Future Podcast series below.

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About The Navigating Our Future Podcast


Navigating Our Future is working to create more resilient, regenerative communities and the best action plans to create such communities in our bioregion.
By spotlighting local, regional, national, and global experts engaged in this vital work, Navigating Our Future explores the defining sub-systems and qualities that comprise a healthy, resilient, regenerative and thriving  community/bioregion and the best action plans to create such communities in our bioregion.
We hope Navigating Our Future can evolve into a trusted community resource hub grounded in stories of hope and action.
Based in the Salish Sea bioregion of northwestern Washington State and southwestern Canada, Navigating Our Future is grounded in a community perspective.

Learn about the Navigating Our Future Team
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