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SJICN is a community solutions news organization driven by a crucial question: what future in the San Juan Islands do we hope to create?


our challenge


The San Juan Islands are a vibrant archipelago in the heart of the Salish Sea. This remarkable region is home to a breathtaking and intricate ecosystem, a rich history, and a dedicated community.


However, the islands are vulnerable to many threats that impact human and non-human residents alike.


Climate change, food and water security, energy security, social inequity, environmental degradation, lack of access to affordable housing, and economic dependence on tourism are just a few of the challenges that jeopardize our self-sufficiency and affect the quality of life in the islands.


At SJICN, we believe that these challenges invite an opportunity: to create a future in the islands we want to inhabit and can be proud to pass on to future generations.


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our opportunity


The San Juan Islands have an important resource at its center: the strength of the community.


Many passionate people throughout the islands are engaged in this critical work of deliberation, collaboration and solution design. In our ranks we have enthusiastic stewards of the land and community, and dedicated individuals and organizations striving to create a future in the San Juans that truly works for all.


As the engaged community we are, we have the opportunity to work together to design a future in the islands that is truly self-sufficient, equitable and resilient, equipped to navigate any challenge the 21st century may bring—and embrace the opportunities that come with it.

San Juan Islands Community Network (SJICN) is committed to exploring and understanding these opportunities, tapping into the passion and wisdom of our community, and helping translate insight into action in order to ensure a flourishing future in the San Juans.

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who is SJICN?


SJICN is led by an intergenerational team of islanders united by their shared passion for life in the San Juans. The community media channel is a project of Navigating Our Future, a San Juan Island-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit that has been engaged in democracy and sustainability work in the islands since 2003.

SJICN seeks to engage and inform residents of the San Juan Islands region through solutions journalism. By producing video news stories spotlighting and celebrating community efforts, SJICN strives to provide a forum for citizens to come together to deliberate and design intelligent, equitable and regenerative solutions to the challenges we face together.


Ultimately, SJICN hopes to help build a future in the San Juans that isn’t merely sustainable, but regenerative and resilient, where all island residents—human and non-human—have the opportunity to thrive.


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