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  • Heather Nicholson

SeaDoc Society to Hold Annual Fundraiser, Working for Health of the Salish Sea

Watch Justin and Leigh Ann from SeaDoc Society, give the scoop about the organization they're part of. It's a local treasure of marine science, in efforts to heal the Salish Sea and keep life in our waters healthy. They conduct research and fund it, collaborate throughout the region, inform official policy and have deployed a thoughtfully inclusive education program.

There’s an abundance of intriguing and freely available science on their website, and they make it understandable. SeaDoc is holding their, never boring, annual fundraiser virtually, on September 9, from 5:30 - 6:30 PM.

Bottoms Up Learn more and register for the fundraiser. An abundance of Salish Sea science and stories.

Salish Sea Wild SeaDoc's adventurous video series about the Salish Sea. New episode out!

Justin Cox, Communications and Marketing Manager

Leigh Ann Gilmer, Regional Director

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