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  • Heather Nicholson

How SeaDoc Society makes marine conservation in the San Juans captivating and accessible

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Powered by an expert team of marine biologists, educators and islanders passionate about marine wildlife in the San Juans, Westsound-based SeaDoc Society does more than rigorously research the health of the Salish Sea.

In this segment, Science Director Dr. Joe Gaydos talks Southern Resident killer whales, shares SeaDoc’s efforts to engage kids in marine conservation through its free curriculum, Junior SeaDoctors, and offers a sneak peak into SeaDoc’s ‘entertainment zone’ with film director Bob Friel.

To check out the work of SeaDoc Society, visit their website:

To take advantage of SeaDoc’s free Junior SeaDoctors program, click here:

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