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San Juan County Schools COVID-19 Response Forum #2: Spring 2021

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

On February 23, San Juan Islands Community Network hosted its second virtual forum exploring how our islands’ schools are responding to the health and educational challenges posed by COVID-19.

You can navigate the video using the timestamps below:

0:00​ SJICN Intro

1:30​ Michael Soltman (Moderator) Intro

4:00​ Eric Webb, Orcas Island School District Superintendent

7:05​ Amber Paulson, Director of Kaleidoscope Preschool & Child Care Center

12:00​ Fred Woods, San Juan Island School District Superintendent

17:28​ John Bogert, Shaw Island School District Board Chair

20:33​ Carl Bruner, Lopez Island School District Interim Superintendent

31:06​ Is San Juan County being too cautious?

38:13​ How are school leaders assessing what students are thinking and feeling?

40:36​ How are school leaders accounting for all community perspectives and staying connected with families?

48:33​ What are the effects on students as a result of remote learning?

50:43​ What are schools doing to ensure staff safety?

56:03​ How are school districts handling liability and coverage concerns regarding the pandemic?

58:21​ What have schools learned from the COVID-19 crisis (insights to take forward, opportunities to explore)?

1:07:53​ What are the most important things that schools want parents and the community to understand? What “asks” do school leaders have?

1:17:48​ Words of thanks / What topics should SJICN cover next?

Please respond to a brief survey to help us make our next Forum a success

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To see more COVID-19 solutions news in the San Juan Islands, visit our resources page

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