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COVID-19 Response Forum: San Juan County Schools

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

On November 8th, school leaders from throughout San Juan County joined SJICN for a virtual forum to discuss school responses to the COVID-19 crisis, and explore challenges and opportunities for student, staff and community safety moving forward.

Watch the entire Forum below:

The school and community leaders who participated were:

  • Brian Auckland, Superintendent of Lopez Island School District

  • Kori Mapstead, Principal of Paideia Classical School

  • Eric Webb, Superintendent of Orcas Island School District

  • Fred Woods, Superintendent of San Juan Island School District

  • Brendan Cowan, Director of Emergency Management, San Juan County

The virtual forum was moderated by Michael Soltman, former San Juan Island School District Superintendent.

FAQ’s: Education Forum

Click on any of the below topics to view the corresponding information in the forum video recording:

How prepared is San Juan County to handle reopening?

Home testing

Safety risks during the Holidays

Brian Auckland (Lopez Island School District)

Kori Mapstead (Paideia School)

Fred Woods (Friday Harbor School District)

Eric Webb (Orcas Island School District)

Collaborating across districts

Who makes the decision to reopen?

Youth Sports (what is allowed and why)?

Supporting students' social and emotional health

Academically how does this year compare to regular years?

How are schools supporting parents?

What lessons can our schools take from the COVID-19 crisis?

Gratitude and appreciation

For more resources about how San Juan County schools are handling the COVID-19 pandemic, visit our resources page:

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